Hi, Rick Nuske here, founder and coordinator of the Software Reviews Club.

I am currently selling my elearning platform called ELEARNCOMMERCE or ELC.

The reason for this is because as a Thrivecart owner, I now have access to their elearning platform as part of my account.

Hence, ELC is surplus to my needs and I will be selling it for a very attractive price.

This is a lifetime account with all of the best bells and whistles...

It comes with...
elearncommerce lifetime account license
elearncommerce lifetime account knowledge broadcaster
elearncommerce lifetime account personalized learning module

For more detailed information about this top tier elearning software, visit: elearncommerce.com

total I paid: $1095.50 USD - I am selling it for: $897 USD.

Bank Deposit Only.

Will transfer all account details over once payment confirmed.

Happy to connect on Zoom to talk through the product to help you understand the power behind this very mature and capable enterprise learning solution.

PM to connect via our Facebook page: