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Hi, and welcome to today’s My Future Business Software Reviews Club review.

What is Vectera?

Founded in 2016, Vectera is meeting room software with a very different approach.

Vectera is different because it provides you with access to always-available video meeting rooms that give you the unique ability to upload content, make notes, store and access your content every time you and your guest login.

This means there’s no mucking around with checking to make sure you have the latest documents, finding where you were up to, or missing any important decisions made during your last meeting.

Who is Vectera for?

Vectera is a reliable way to communicate with 1 guest or up to 6 guests simultaneously and remotely.

Vectera is ideal for teachers, students and business owners.
Throughout this review, I’ll refer to teachers, students and business owners as guests.

In reality, anyone who has a need to collaborate, capture new ideas, seek clarification, and make decisions, can use Vectera. Vectera’s scope of application is only limited by your imagination.

As an example, right now, many students are learning online. Much of which requires a level of interactive collaboration that other platforms simply don’t offer.

As a case study, recently a guest and I logged in to put Vectera through its paces. Note that my guest is interstate. In a matter of minutes, I set up a unique meeting room link, sent it to my guest, and they chose a date and time, using the scheduling feature, and within a few short minutes, we were online testing the system.

When we logged in, which took all of a few seconds, we hit record, uploaded a test document, we scribbled notes all over it, saved it, and left the room. Moments later, we both logged back in using the same unique meeting room link, and all of the notes and the recording were still there exactly how we left them.

You can see from this example, that having the ability to upload documents, scribble notes on them, highlight important parts of documents, and record each session, are incredibly powerful features to have available.

Whether you are reviewing project work, be it a drawing or a document, or you have an idea that you want to capture before it leaves your thoughts, you can do all of this reliably, and in real-time with Vectera.

So, why do I care about having good quality online meeting and collaboration software?

Software has always fascinated me, and I understood many years ago, just how important good quality software would become in the online business environment. Today, this is even more apparent.

Many of us are moving away from traditional employment, or at least complementing our existing employment with after-hours online business building projects; many of which are made easier with software that helps us communicate and collaborate. This is where VECTERA comes in. After countless hours using this software, I’m convinced that VECTERA is one of the most effective way to communicate and collaborate with my guests.

How do we use Vectera?

For me, as a browser-based video collaboration tool, not having to download any software to get it working, is a huge plus. The reason I say that, is because many of the people I work with are not overly tech-savvy; so, making this experience as easy as possible removes the barriers to effective use many other platforms struggle with.

To get started, as the admin of the Vectera meeting room, you simply create a unique Vectera meeting room link in a few clicks, you send it to your guest, they enter their name, and they enter the meeting room. Simple.

How does Vectera look?

One thing that is important to me, is brand consistency. And with that, I don’t want my clients getting confused when they see my Vectera link or the landing page when they visit the meeting room. Instead, I want them to see my unique business URL, and I want them to see my branding, my logo, and my unique brand colours.

This is where Vectera’s custom domain CNAME option and image and logo upload feature gives you the ability to create a completely customized video meeting room experience - this was one of the things that really impressed me when I first started using Vectera.

When do you use Vectera?

Let’s go back when things were different. Back to when most of us used to physically driving to meetings. Nowadays, I attend the exact same meetings, but without wasting fuel or time. Not only are outcomes from my online meetings better quality, my guests are able to access all of the content from our meeting anytime they need it, and we both have access to exactly the same information.

In fact, I’d go as far as to say that using Vectera for online meetings has helped my guests rest-easy knowing that we can run an effective meeting online, and that they will get exactly what they want out of it.

What are some of Vectera’s outstanding features?

Beyond Vectera being mobile ready, there’s so many other solid features that Vectera offers. In this review, I will point out the main features that have made all the difference in my own business.

On top of my outstanding features list is Vectera’s touch-friendly whiteboard. This is where I can keep a record of all the notes I made during my last call with my guest. In addition to that, I can even upload an image or screenshots, and draw all over them – knowing that in my next meeting, everything we did in that previous meeting will be there ready for us to continue working on in the next one.

Another powerful feature, is the ability to record each session. Given my line of work, I find the session recording feature to be incredibly valuable. With the recording feature, combined with my private notes, not only do I have records of my notes and sketches, I also have a video recording that I can send to my guest. I use the recordings to add extra value for my clients which helps them go back over everything we’ve talked about.

I also love the in-built scheduling feature that stops all of the old-school back-and-forth emails, and the stress that goes with manually trying to arrange a date and time for a meeting. And the thing that I like about the scheduling system, is that it converts your local time as the host, with the local time of your guest, so neither of you miss the meeting.

On top of that, once your guest chooses on a date and time for the meeting, Vectera creates a unique URL and shares it with your guest. The URL is then added to your chosen calendar i.e. Google Calendar, Microsoft Office 365, iCloud, and many others, and the details of the meeting are emailed to the guest.

Another feature that I think is incredibly useful, is Vectera’s Co-Browsing feature. Using the co-browsing tool allows you and or your guest to control the browser of the person sharing their screen. Think Microsoft support, or any other major brands who do this to help you address problems or activate licenses and so on. This is high-level technology, and is a game changer for hosts who have clients that need immediate support for anything on their computer e.g. help fixing an issue with their website. Alternatively, you can also use their screenshare feature which simply shows the shared screen without the ability to change anything.

Here’s some of the ways that you can use Vectera.

Can you think of any others?

• Discussion board
• Video conference
• Internal meeting
• Meeting room booking
• Minutes management
• Appointment scheduling
• Electronic assignments & tests
• Online classes
• On-demand webcast
• Presentation tool
• Real-time interviews
• Screen sharing
• Presentation streaming.

I also like how Vectera has created in-depth direct comparisons to other similar platforms. This enables me to take a look at what Vectera are doing, and compare their platform development with the development work being done by their competitors.

As it applies to online speed, like anything, it needs to be fast. Vectera has no problem here either, because they use the best cloud storage and retrieval systems that scales with demand.

Who are the people behind Vectera?

The people behind the software are always an important part of my reviews. The reason I place emphasis on this is because the people behind the software set the scene for the quality of your experience. Additionally, having used the software myself, my own support experiences give you an idea of what you can expect when you need help.

Now, as someone who works with several software providers, I can tell you that when it comes to customer care and ongoing support, not all businesses are created equally.

How good is Vectera’s customer care and support?

When I first started using Vectera, like anything, there was a learning curve. With that, I would oftentimes make contact with Vectera’s support team using their contact button. From there, and based on the time I sent the request for help, it would take Vectera support between 10 minutes and a couple of hours to respond.

When I received a response from their support team, I found that the response was not only polite, it was instructive and practical. In addition to that, as many of my questions are multi-layered, and support was always willing to work with me through multiple issues until they were resolved.

Will my content be safe with Vectera?

With secure end-to-end encrypted P2P connections, the only thing your clients’ needs to worry about is clicking the meeting room URL that you send them. It’s really that easy.

What if you don’t have any experience using Vectera?

Aside from being quite easy to get started, if you need help, then you have access to a combination of live support and tutorial videos. From my own experience, the process is relatively straightforward, and the onboarding experience is efficient and streamlined.

If you’re trying to decide amongst all of the video meeting software out there, of which there are several, you can be sure that I’ve tried many of them. And in using them, and listening to leaders in this field, I can say with confidence, that Vectera is highly regarded as a proven video meeting platform with a bright future.

Which external solutions does Vectera integrate with?

To process payments, Vectera currently integrates with Stripe.

There are plans underway to integrate PayPal and other and external services.

Vectera also integrates with Dropbox, Google Drive, Teamleader, Silverfin and Salesflare.

You can also embed your Vectera booking page into your own website and make it even easier for your guests to book a meeting with you.

The thing I love about Vectera, is that they are always incrementally improving their platform, and you are encouraged to provide your feature requests via their requested features page. They are listening to you.

What training and FAQ’s are there?

Vectera has a dedicated training and FAQ page where you can find answers to typical questions.

Further to that, inside your Vectera account, you will find a support button that also links directly to the FAQ and Vectera’s ticketing system.

Things I noticed that could be improved...

Right now, there’s not much to fault. If anything, I think that fast-tracking PayPal as a payment processor option would be a positive step in the right direction.

How Much Does Vectera Cost?

Investment depends on the number of hosts that you need, and whether you pay monthly or annually.

As is often the case, monthly payments are more expensive, so I would pay annually.

For one host, you can get access to Vectera for a monthly investment of around $11.00 USD.

When paying annually, your investment will be just over $100 USD.

Can I set up a free trial account?

Yes - one of the very first things I suggest you do is create your own free trial account, and play with it.

Click Below to set up your free account...


Does Vectera have an affiliate program?

Yes - Vectera has an affiliate program where you can earn 30% for each referred customer just by sharing their link. To help you promote Vectera, you also have access to all of their marketing assets including images and customizable tracking links.

How do I rate Vectera?

As part of the process, I first use the software, and then I write the review.
Once I have all of the information, and I have formed my opinion, I suggest one of two options, including:


The criteria for my review suggestion are based on:

A. My personal experience with the software
B. The features I think are valuable
C. The people behind the software, and how they treat you [support]
D. Training and FAQ resources
E. The usefulness of the software
F. The development roadmap, and
G. The pricing model used.

Based on my experience using Vectera, if you have a need to connect and collaborate, then CONSIDER BUYING VECTERA.


In closing…

All in all, Vectera is a solid video meeting and collaboration platform, and if you’re serious about the success of your online meetings, Vectera is one you should consider adding to your business toolkit.

If you want to talk with me about how Vectera can help your business, or you want me to provide you with a demo, simply fill in the form below, and you will be redirected to our booking page where you can choose a date and time that works for you.

In the meantime, click below to set up your free Vectera trial account.


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