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Rick updated 10 months ago
Quick Post WEBINAR NINJA Proven Webinar Software for Your Growing Online Business Hi, and welcome to today’s My Future Business Software Reviews Club review. Today, I’ll be sharing my views on Webinar Ninja which was co-founded in 2014 by Omar Zenhom and his partner Nicole Baldinu. Interesting Fact: over a million people have attended a webinar on WebinarNinja and it was named as one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in 2018. Now, one of the first important things that you should know about Webinar Ninja, is that behind this leading webinar software platform, there’s a team of living breathing professionals who care about your success. My first experience with Webinar Ninja started shortly after I accidently stumbled across a software business called AppSumo back in 2016. In fact, the very first purchase I ever made on AppSumo, way back in July of that year, was WEBINAR NINJA. Fast forward to March 2020, and after several years using this webinar software, I have seen Webinar Ninja go from strength to strength. It has continued to evolve and mature, and is a vastly improved, very mature and a reliable webinar platform that I use in my own business. I’ve been fortunate to have had a great deal of experience with Webinar Ninja, and I’ve also had the pleasure of spending time with Omar on The My Future Business Show to talk about his entrepreneurial journey, which includes how Webinar Ninja was born from a problem he was having in his own... (More)
Rick updated 10 months ago
Quick Post
#vectera #videochat #onlinemeetings #videomeetings VECTERA Online Meeting & Collaboration Software for Your Growing Online Business Hi, and welcome to today’s My Future Business Software Reviews Club review. What is Vectera? Founded in 2016, Vectera is meeting room software with a very different approach. Vectera is different because it provides you with access to always-available video meeting rooms that give you the unique ability to upload content, make notes, store and access your content every time you and your guest login. This means there’s no mucking around with checking to make sure you have the latest documents, finding where you were up to, or missing any important decisions made during your last meeting. Who is Vectera for? Vectera is a reliable way to communicate with 1 guest or up to 6 guests simultaneously and remotely. Vectera is ideal for teachers, students and business owners. Throughout this review, I’ll refer to teachers, students and business owners as guests. In reality, anyone who has a need to collaborate, capture new ideas, seek clarification, and make decisions, can use Vectera. Vectera’s scope of application is only limited by your imagination. As an example, right now, many students are learning online. Much of which requires a level of interactive collaboration that other platforms simply don’t offer. As a case study, recently a guest and I logged in to put Vectera through its paces. Note that my guest is interstate. In a matter of minutes, I set up a unique meeting room link, sent it... (More)
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