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Hi, Rick Nuske here, founder and coordinator of the Software Reviews Club.

I am currently selling my elearning platform called ELEARNCOMMERCE or ELC.

The reason for this is because as a Thrivecart owner, I now have access to their elearning platform as part of my account.

Hence, ELC is surplus to my needs and I will be selling it for a very attractive price.

This is a lifetime account with all of the best bells and whistles...

It comes with...
elearncommerce lifetime account license
elearncommerce lifetime account knowledge broadcaster
elearncommerce lifetime account personalized learning module

For more detailed information about this top tier elearning software, visit:

total I paid: $1095.50 USD - I am selling it for: $897 USD.

Bank Deposit Only.

Will transfer all account details over once payment confirmed.

Happy to connect on Zoom to talk through the product to help you understand the power behind this very mature and capable enterprise learning solution.

PM to connect via our Facebook page:
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Quick Post My Future Business Show Interview With TOM HUNT #Podcasting #bCast #TomHunt Hi, and welcome to the show! On today’s My Future Business Show I have the pleasure of spending time with entrepreneur, business owner and founder of podcast hosting platform bCast, Mr. Tom Hunt. During the call, not only does Tom share some details about his personal life, he also opens up about what it was like to start bCast, how the idea for bCast came about, and the journey since launching it on AppSumo. On this wonderful call, Tom talks about the power of podcasting, and where he sees podcasting going as an industry. On top of that, Tom also introduces some of the many features and benefits of the bCast platform, and shares some of the strategies he’s used to improve his internal marketing and the marketing of his clients. As someone who has used almost every podcast hosting service out there, I have to mention that I would not have spent the time switching over to a podcast host that I was not confident in. To get to this point, I spent several months testing the bCast system. Everything from adding new podcast episodes, uploading images, interpreting reporting data inside the analytics tab, to Tom’s active presence on social media, and the bCast roadmap. I’ve taken a lot of time to make sure before coming over to bCast, and I’m really happy that I did. As a result, today you will see bCast in action across... (More)
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As someone who loves software, and using it to improve SEO and ranking positions, and to see what is happening to my websites at a glance, when Screpy became available, I jumped at the opportunity to check it out.

After using it for a week or so now, I can say that the UI and UX, in other words the user interface and site experience, is one of the best I have encountered.

I really love how Screpy offers website downtime monitoring, in fact, this was a point of differentiation that helped my buying decision.

I am using other similar software, and by comparison, Screpy is also very consistent in the results it provides about my ranking position in SERP, but also when it comes to analyzing website opportunities that I would have otherwise not seen.

So, if you want to improve your SEO, SERP, and have a solid monitoring platform for your websites, then get your hands on Screpy.

Visit: [this is not an affiliate link]